Digital Marketing tips for your Children’s Day campaign

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In the previous post about Dia das Crianças, let’s give some good practical suggestions for you to sell nothing but data. Among them, prepare fun Email Marketing campaigns, anticipate possible technical problems and give your business a special theme – whether physical or online.

Did you think we were going to stop there? Not at all! If you have done all this planning, now is the time to take an additional step. And if you’re still a little behind, don’t get into a panic: I knew you still have to run backward! That’s why there are 8 last minute days that you can use to sell more on Children’s Day.

But it’s important to know that this should be done today, because the date is coming and people need to make the purchase with some precedence, ok? Let’s go to the days!

1. Place the child (or nostalgic) climate in your social networks
Do you know when the 12th of October approaches and your friends begin to place unrecognized photos of the time of childhood? You have also already participated in the brincadeira, which is a lot of fun!

Give to use the element nostalgia also to call attention to your brand. Publish photos of old jumps, for example, or other memes – in tune, they are the adults who will buy you present.

To enter the climate of Dia das Crianças, another interesting action is to change the images of its social networks. Some suggestions are the profile photos and the layer image of Facebook and the photo of Instagram, replacing them with images produced for data.

You can also post on Stories and on the Instagram timeline to explore the visual potential of the application. Thus, it relieves the clients about the data and showing their options of products or services that combine the most with the little ones.

Pay attention to the standard sizes to create parts that are not desalinated. As an aid, check the Infographic: Image sizes for Facebook and Instagram!

2. Post a post on your blog about Dia das Crianças
If you still don’t know, publish a post about Dia das Crianças in your blog. A text with present words for each age faixa can be very useful for people who are undecided. He still shows that you understand the subject and that you can help them.

Besides that, this content contributes to the increase of organic traffic on your site during the period. That’s because it’s a time when many family members are looking for last-minute presents. Do not hesitate to insert beautiful images to call the attention of readers.

Don’t know where to find images? Check out our post 56 banks of free images and payments [Full Ranking].

3. Publish the page with your offers of products and services

lace on a page dedicated to the promotion of your products and services and optimize. It is interesting to use price filters (from minor to major) and age, facilitating research.

The ideal is for the link to be If you’ve already done that in the past, keep the same URL and just update the offers and content.

This can be a good page of offers for you to advertise in your email campaigns, social networks, and advertisements.

4. I thought about combinations of offers/presents

It is very common, on Children’s Day, that consumers need more than one present. I thought, for example, in a country that has more than one child or in godparents that have more than one child. s múltiplos netinhos.

Those people will need different presents and you can take advantage of the need to encourage them to buy all in the same place – in case, your own.

Make offers with different combinations, such as a present for gêmeos, for Menino and Menina and even for different faixas de Idade. If possible within your prayer, offer discounts.

Gather all the products that your virtual store has for children of different ages and think in creative combinations. So, you can make consumers buy everything in the same place – in this case, theirs.

There are many reasons for this strategy to be right. It can be done by paying a single fee, centralizing the payment in a single place or even making it easier to buy.

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