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Bye-bye expense reports; hello personal finance apps.

To take care of your finances not only is necessary to have a good portfolio of investments, watch out for the jumps of the dollar and get loans at good rates if you need them … you also have to keep the accounts tidy. And for that technology offers us many possibilities. The apps for managing personal finances are already installed and replace the old booklet with several improvements such as generating specific budgets and alerts if they exceed them. Here are some options.

Accounting Record

It is a fairly intuitive app that allows you to charge monthly income, expenses, and balances. The most interesting thing is that it applies the concept of double entry accounting and allows effective control of assets and expense records. The best thing: the possibility of making different statistical graphs to monitor income and expenses. Available for iOS and Android.

Quick Quote

It is one of the most complete. It allows you to have many different budgets, different accounts (for example, keep track of different banks) and is integrated into a nice calendar that allows you to quickly visualize past and future expenses. It also has very friendly icons to understand at a glance which expenses were those that absorbed more budget. Ideal for the meticulous. Available for iOS and Android.


It is also very complete and allows to synchronize different platforms. You can import data from Excel spreadsheets, ideal for migrating those who carry the accounts in a spreadsheet. The most interesting thing: you can share budgets with other people (family members, partners, etc.). Available for Android, iOS, and Web.


It is a very complete expense app. It is suitable for day-to-day use but is also very good for specific projects (holidays, business trips). It allows to scan tickets and in a semiautomatic way, it adds them to the expenses to have everything ordered in a single place. Its usability is not so intuitive and can be a bit tedious for the less obsessive. Available for Android, iOS, and desktop.


It is perhaps the simplest (with all the pros and cons that that implies). It allows you to add expenses with two simple steps and create budgets to see the evolution of those expenses. The app also lets you know when you’re too over budget and when you’re under-executing (so you know if you can spend a little more). At the end of the month, it sends you a summary of all your expenses by email. It’s the most practical but limited. Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Web.

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