Day: October 3, 2018

How to create a business plan: a step-by-step guide

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Not all business ideas are good. For example, my friend Eric once came up with the idea of making a cell phone that can also be used as a stun gun. As you can imagine, it’s not the best product to launch. Many people have business ideas, but the important thing is to find out […]

Illegal occupation: a brake on the real estate sector

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The recent approval in Congress of the amendment of Law 1/2000 on Civil Procedure to speed up proceedings against the illegal occupation of housing has been welcomed by civil society with jubilation, as it will improve eviction procedures, guaranteeing private property against intrusion. A situation that both individuals and companies in the real estate sector […]

Digital Marketing tips for your Children’s Day campaign

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In the previous post about Dia das Crianças, let’s give some good practical suggestions for you to sell nothing but data. Among them, prepare fun Email Marketing campaigns, anticipate possible technical problems and give your business a special theme – whether physical or online. Did you think we were going to stop there? Not at […]

Key Employee Retention

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What is the cost to the staff? The staff takes time to adapt to their task when they enter their new job and perform it with the desired excellence. The training and learning time that employees have carries a cost that your company assumes. Entrepreneurs must develop creative strategies to retain and/or attract them. It […]

Bye-bye expense reports; hello personal finance apps.

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To take care of your finances not only is necessary to have a good portfolio of investments, watch out for the jumps of the dollar and get loans at good rates if you need them … you also have to keep the accounts tidy. And for that technology offers us many possibilities. The apps for […]